In case you're wondering, giclée (zhee-clay) is French for "little squirt" ~ of ink in this instance and not a pejorative term.

Giclée prints render rich saturated colours and have a lovely painterly quality that retains minute detail and subtle glazes. A godsend for Grenville's delicate work.

However, the production of a giclée is not an automatic process. The human touch is vital in its creation.

First the giclées start as Grenville's original art. Next the work is scanned into the computer where it is colour corrected. This requires an experienced eye in making the true adjustments in tone, contrast, sharpness and numerous other factors to produce a print that is faithful to the original.

And the good news is that because we do our own printing, Grenville is there every step of the way.

All the giclées are printed on Archival matte paper and everything's lightfast for 200 years and beyond. That will certainly see Grenville out so no comeback there.

The pictures are available in a choice of two frames as shown below.

Limewashed Green Frame

Grainy Cream Frame
Grainy Cream

When ordering framed prints remember to make a note of your chosen colour in the comments box on the checkout page.